Part of the French group, SEB, T-Fal is a world leader in the small domestic equipment market- Famous worldwide as the company that brought us the non-stick pan, T-Fal was preparing for its most significant cookware launch in several years, with the introduction of Thermospot. This innovative, heat-activated technology is used to signal when a pan reaches its optimum cooking temperature.


To provide all in-Store marketing material in support of the Thermospot launch.


J. Gottheil researched the advantages and disadvantages of making the switch between -regular and box stores, paying careful attention to current customer profiles and references. J. Gottheil, one of the few advertising agencies in Toronto to offer this service, conducted location analysis, to determine the best spot for a new store opening, researched the competition in depth, and carefully profiled potential target audiences. This led J. Gottheil to implement an integrated campaign of PR support, promotions and extensive print initiatives, leading up to the first new-format store opening.


Thermospot was T-Fal’s most successful new product launch to date. The agency’s winning in-store campaign had such broad appeal that it was picked up by T-Fal internationally.