Established in 1986, Cedar Springs provides spring and distilled water, plus filtration products for home and business use. The company had recently hired a new agency, which failed to produce the kind of aggressive results that Cedar Springs wanted.


To increase penetration and consumption of Cedar Springs water products.


J. Gottheil began a marketing communication case study and organized focus groups, to determine how Cedar Springs customers felt about the company and its products. We also gathered groups of potential customers, to discover what goes into the decision to purchase a water product. As a result, we recommended the introduction of additional media, in the form of TV and Print, and developed stronger branding, by turning Cedar Springs products into advertising heroes. J. Gottheil felt, that just as computers don’t have to be beige, water coolers don’t have to be white, so we repackaged the product by promoting the colourful choices of coolers Cedar Springs has to offer.


Our colourful cooler promotion was an instant hit, particularly with kids, who would pick out the colour of the family cooler, and drink more water as a result of being involved in the decision making process! Cedar Springs also experienced its largest sales increase in the 15 year history of the company.

Cedar Springs