When a consumer shops in a store and is overwhelmed by competing products, wouldn’t it be a good idea to reinforce your brand, provide much needed information and close the sale? Why let your competitors confuse your customer with competing messages and create doubt. The only other medium that benefits from a customer having their “Wallet in hand” is online. You can’t influence a persons purchase decision, solely from the comfort of their home. A lot could happen between their couch and your cash register. Retailers, venders and manufacturers must assume the responsibility of carrying their message through to the store level. If you have a product in store, you must have a presence other then packaging. You must be able to “close the sale” at the store level regardless of what you spend on external media.

Retail advertising in store can help carry your message through, reinforce your brand and help close the sale.

Willard Bishop Consulting found that in 1995 it took three TV spots to reach 80% of women aged 18 to 49. In 2000 — only five years later — it took 97 spots to reach the same number. In 2012 with over 500+ cable channels and the strength of social media, internet, smart phones and PVR’s I would predict it would take over a 1000 spots to achieve the same market percentage. In store marketing is your last – and best – chance to make a sale.

Kitchenaid (Sears)

Kitchenaid (The Bay)


Foodsaver (Walmart)

BIC Pens