Understanding your market and the competitive landscape is pivotal in helping you choose the right medium and frequency. The question of knowing what part of your budget should be allocated to online or offline or what medium can best convey your message is the expertise of good planning, negotiating and media buying. It is J. Gottheil Internet Marketing Toronto.

SEO (Search engine optimization), not paid search, is when you’ve programmed your site properly and it “organically” or naturally appears on the first few pages of a search. Just designing a site is not enough, knowing how to design the content so that it’s searchable, is the key.

PPC (Pay per click) paid search is equally as important because it can guarantee that you will be number one on the first page of a Google search. We can actually control the day and time your message and/or link to your site will appear and tell you how many people clicked on it as well as the time of day and where they came from geographically. Paid search is one of the most measurable forms of advertising, all about leading traffic to your website.

The future is online with more information that’s faster, better and cheaper. Print will still be with us for a while, but any and every marketing strategy and media campaign today, must have a component of online or they will dramatically loose huge market presence and sales.

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