If 76% of all purchase decisions are made in-store, then why are clients and agencies not doing more to directly influence that decision? I’m puzzled when agencies and clients spend millions of dollars on media advertising, trying to convince a consumer to purchase a particular brand and don’t follow it through to the store level. The consumer enters the store convinced that he knows what he wants … but leaves with another brand! This happens all the time because most agencies don’t know how to use retail as a medium to communicate their message and close the sale.

Instore Advertising can help carry your message through, reinforce your brand and help close the sale.

Response-Driven Advertising is not lifting a frame from a 30-second TV spot and making it into a poster; The creative and message should reinforce your brand and provide much needed “sell closing” information.

Ted Turner was once asked, “Is it better to advertise at the game or on a commercial during the game?” He said, “At the game, because you have a captive audience. Who takes a beer or bathroom break during the game?” The retail store is where the game is played. When you think “inside the box” you realize that core advertising has competitive messages influencing consumer preference, and the store has competitive products influencing consumer behavior. The difference is, in the store the consumer has cash in hand and has decided to make a purchase. If you have to influence only one step along the way, shouldn’t it be at the retail level?