We still read a newspaper, watch TV and listen to a radio station. Traditional media must be part of your advertising program because of the credibility and personality of the market it represents. When, where and how often is the key to a successful campaign. One can have the best creative but if it’s placed in the wrong medium it will not work.

Advertising creates the message and chooses the best media to express it. Advertising unlike Public Relations, which is equally as important is a paid medium, meaning the timing; frequency and concentration of the message can be easily controlled.

The key in advertising is to 1) Promote your message when people are buying, not when they’re not. 2) Always give something back to the consumer and 3) create a call to action, a reason to purchase now.

Please review our advertising portfolio and see how we executed a brand strategy using print as the medium. You will our programs create interest, easily identifiable and certainly in keeping with the products core brand attributes.






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