We motivate and persuade with the single purpose of making a powerful positive impact on your company's bottom line. We strive for fresh and innovative ideas, powerful, persuasive creative and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. We take a very hands on approach with our clients, and have a strong mandate to develop a relationship based on accountability and trust. We take the simple, and make it special. We take problems, and find solutions and we blaze new trails instead of following old ones. The key is to know your competition, customer and ever-changing market and apply that knowledge to better plan and evaluate your creative and media.
J. Gottheil Marketing - Because results matter

When it comes to experience size really does matter.
We're small enough to care about your business yet big enough to handle any media campaign.

Welcome to J. Gottheil Marketing

We specialize in Retail: advertising, marketing, traditional media, online and social media, in-store branding, displays and hard shops.

We have over 25 years of experience designing, producing and implementing highly effective communication programs for retailers, vendors, manufacturers and government agencies.

We generate real results:

– For a Local clothing retailer: We adjusted the timing of their advertising spending in marketing toronto stores – without changing their budget – and increased sales by $500,000, in just one year.

– For a National whirlpool bath manufacturer: We increased awareness of their brand by 40% within one year – again, without changing their ad budget.

– For a National vendor of small appliances: We wrote and produced one TV commercial that increased sales by 38% during one of the worst recessions in years.

– For an International electronics manufacturer: We introduced

an in-store marketing program (with no advertising support) that increased sales by 66% in only 6 weeks.

We believe that core retail principles can be applied to any marketing program regardless of the product or service.

With all clients, we use a proven process:

1. We do our homework and understand your customer and market.

2. We design a program that’s affordable and focused.

3. We introduce a set of measurements to prove our success.

4. We establish a consistent brand image to extend the sell message and persuade consumers to purchase.

Each of our senior staff has over 25 years experience in their disciplines. And these seasoned professionals’ work on your business. You’ll find it refreshing to work directly with the principals of a company who value your business as if it was their own.







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Sunbeam TV Commercial

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Advertising is a component of marketing, creatively designed but executional in nature. We can help create the idea, define new and emerging markets, develop a media plan and tell you when it’s best to execute it.


Marketing takes an idea to a strategy, defines execution and implements a form of measurements. Our agencies expertise is creating a “Total Brand Package”, from Message, to Media, to Response.


The question of knowing what medium can best convey your message is the responsibility of your agency and their knowledge in media planning, negotiating and buying. We have over 15 full time media buyers and provide our clients with expertise and buying power.

icon-designCREATIVE / DESIGN

Great copy and design, both equally as important, have the power to capture your attention, create emotion and convey a message that people will respond to. We are fortunate enough to have an exceptional team of Art Directors and Copywriters for all your print, broadcast and online needs.


Anyone can design a website but very few companies can truly optimize it and have it appear on the first few pages
of a Google search. We can fully optimize your site and through paid search, put you on “Page One”
of a Google search, guaranteed.


One of the most important areas of Marketing is “In Store. This is when a consumer see’s all the competitive claims and with cash in hand, makes a final purchase decision. You must be able to influence that decision in your favor and “Close the Sale”.


  • “J. Gottheil has analyzed our sales data and identified where our customers are coming from as well as where future markets are developing. This is a company that’s proactive in their approach to marketing.”Steve Forberg, CEO – Decorium